We have probably all been glued to CNN this past week and each of us has been touched in some way by what we have seen in the aftermath of the devastation and heartbreak caused by Katrina.

Roger Wrublik (a HURT Veteran and finisher) has organized a relief effort in support of Dr. Tyler Curiel. Tyler is a physician and ultra runner who was featured on CNN this past week after he (and others) came under gunfire from thugs in New Orleans as he tried to evacuate patients from Charity Hospital.

In support of Tyler and all of the victims of Katrina, I have made a $500 donation on behalf of H.U.R.T. through Roger’s organization. Roger believes that since Tyler is right there, he can make the best decision on where the money should be spent.

As many of you know, Roger is the Race Director for the Across the Years race held at his Nardini Manor. I know many of you are probably making donations on your own, however if you would like to support this effort on your own, I have included Roger’s contact information.

Across The Years
Katrina Relief
PO Box 282
Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

Rodger Wrublik


Aloha, John