Volunteer-hncThe Hawaiian Ultra Running Team (HURT), is putting on the 18th annual 100-mile trail race in January 13 and 14, 2018. We start at the Makiki Nature Center on Sat at 6am. The cut-off is Sunday, 6pm.

Basically, our volunteers help prepare aid station food (fruit, sandwiches, cookies, soups) and keep levels of the water and Gatorade coolers full. Volunteers also greet the runners as they come in, cater to their needs, help them get to their drop bag, fill their water bottles, show them where the food is, and cheer them on!

After the 6am start, the runners start coming back to our aid station around 9:30am, from the first of five 20 mile loops. The route is Nature Center, Paradise Park, Nuuanu Jackass Ginger, Nature Center, via the trails. After the first two loops, they run throughout the night, and some right up to 6pm Sunday. Your encouragement helps a lot of the runners get through the race.

As of December 6, I only have about 18 committed volunteers, and I need lots more in all shifts, and particularly in the listed miscellaneous jobs below. These are the shifts needing about three to four volunteers each shift:

  • Sat 7am to 10am, Lots of food prep and kitchen set up
  • Sat 10pm to Sun 4am, Runner attendance
  • Sun 4am to 10am, Runner attendance
  • Sun 10am to 5pm, Runner attendance
  • Sun 5pm to 7pm, Tear-down and clean-up

Other miscellaneous jobs include:

  • 1 pm Friday for the Mandatory Runner’s Mtg- parking Nazi for 2 hours, at entrance to Nature Center. Direct volunteers to the top where the meeting is, and runners to the lower parking lot, or to the roadway just outside of the park (parking is very limited up by the Nature Center).
  • 1pm Friday pass out runners’ bags before the meeting in the pavilion; handle check list as bags given out
  • 4:15 am Saturday, parking Nazi at entrance to Nature Center, until 5:45 am
  • 7 am to 10 am- help with aid station set-up (organize runner’s drop bags)
  • 5:30 am- set up glow lights along beginning of trail for the start
  • 6am Saturday, meet cop at top of Nahuina on Tantalus Rd, to assist cop directing runners across the road. Just need to make sure he is in right spot. Then can return to NC.
  • Clean up crew about 5-7 pm- Marie and Steve will head up this group, but they will need another 5 people to help out.

And finally, a small clean-up crew the following Saturday after the race (after post-race picnic at Hoomaluhia Park) at Club Salmonson.

If you wish to volunteer, please email me at pj@hurthawaii.com, or call me at 351-1453 so I can schedule you in. If you are willing to volunteer or want to volunteer your spouse or friends, please include your contact info (email and phone) in case I need to send follow-up information.

Many thanks, PJ & John Salmonson