The Book of HURT, A.D. 2017 is Now Available!
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Aloha! The 2017 Book of HURT is finally here. This book is a must read for anyone entering the lottery for the 2017 HURT 100 as it contains vital information such as registration and lottery dates. Questions about the content of the book may appear during the registration process, so … Read More

The 2016 HURT100 Movie by The Ginger Runner
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Get ready to be mesmerized by Ethan Newberry's latest beautiful creation, The HURT100.

HURT100 – The Aftermath
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It has been just over a month since HURT100. I hope you all have recovered and have decided to sign-up for HURT100 2017. If not, here's a compilation of various media from different sources to get you motivated. #LetsReliveHURT100 PHOTOS: Augusto Decastro Kalani Pascual (Facebook) Nick K. (Facebook)Robert P. Smith … Read More

Finishing Rate by State and Country for HURT100 (2016)
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The table below shows the breakdown of finishing rate by State and Country. Czech Republic 1/1 100% Costa Rica 1/1 100% Denmark 1/1 100% Hong Kong 1/1 100% Maryland 1/1 100% New Jersey 1/1 100% Philippines 1/1 100% Utah 1/1 100% Oregon 5/6 83% Colorado 3/4 75% Canada 5/7 71% … Read More

HURT100 Live Updates
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Follow your favorite runner through UltraSignup Live Tracking. You can expect Facebook posts and tweets on Twitter using the hashtag #HURT100. Also a few folks will be out in the field posting live video feed through Periscope, so watch out for that as well. We will do our best to update all of … Read More

Electrolytes, Volunteers and Periscope
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ELECTROLYTES For the HURT100 participants, we WILL NOT be able to dispense any electrolyte pills, so please bring your own. Also please bring your own pain and upset stomach medications. Gatorade will be the sports drink at the aid stations this year. VOLUNTEERS Nuuanu Aid Station is still open for … Read More

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The On Air buttons below represent any one of Periscope users scattered around HURT course. They could possibly be near the aid stations as the wireless phone signals are weak inside the trails. Blue button means that the user is inactive. Orange button means they are LIVE and you can … Read More

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If you are on Twitter and would like to join the conversation, please use the hashtag #hurt100. Tweet #HURT100

Volunteer Info
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Join in and be a part of the HURT100 Endurance Run on January 19-20, 2019, as a volunteer. You can choose to work at one of the 3 aid stations which are located in 1.) Hawaii Nature Center in Makiki << click for signup form(headed by Captain PJ Salmonson)Location:2131 Makiki … Read More

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