From John and PJ

For those that don’t know “Marathon John”, he is a great friend to HURT.
Before he left Hawaii 4-5 years ago, he did an enormous amount of work for our races, and contributed equipment that we still use in our races today.

For instance, one year at the Schofeild 50 Miler, he brought a bunch of his soldiers with him, and they put up a big tent for us to use during the race. Not only that, but they brought tables and chairs for us, coolers, etc. After the race, they took it all down and hauled it away! I remember he did the same thing for Triple Trek one year. He could never do enough for us.

We’ve been keeping in touch, hoping he and his family would get back here. Some day that will happen. Here is a recent note from him.

Hi everyone,
We are doing o.k. in Texas for now. Retired from the Army one year ago on May 1st. Since retiring, I was able to complete 2 years of college in one year and now have a bachelor’s degree. Lee has a licensed home child care on the ground level of our two story home and watches 6 children daily. I worked full time as a teacher’s aide in a middle school for a semester last year while considering pursuing a teaching career. Heck, that was short-lived! I raised teenagers, and am not going through that with everyone elses. My hat goes off to teachers everywhere. I definitely have a greater respect for them and believe they are absolutely underpaid for their efforts.

I will be going to school for a management position with the Army & Air Force Exchange System in July. The school is approximately 9 weeks total. In my 6th or 7th week I should find out where my first assignment will be at? Needless to say, I am going to try to influence where I go as much as I can. You know how the song goes….”working my way back to you”.
Yes, we made a big mistake moving to Texas. We are honestly not the happiest of campers. It is cheap to live, but just not the same warmth and family feelings and roots we have in Hawaii. The earliest we see getting out of here is about 3 or 4 years down the road. Need some equity in our home, and a little luck on an assignment that will move our belongings. Of course, when push comes to shove in a few years we will just get rid of everything.

Our oldest daughter, Myong and our youngest son, Vaughn are still attending Chaminade University. They were the two smart ones in the family and returned to the islands the first chance they could.
Myong will be in her 5th and final year of college. Vaughn will be entering his junior year. Jack enlisted in the Air Force and is coming up on about his 3 year mark. Jack is a meteorologist assigned to Hill Air Force Base in Salt Lake City. Jack will be departing to Iraq in September.

Not a day, week, or month goes by that we do not think about our extended family in Hawaii. We will return, just like MacArthur stated in the Phillipines. Please be patient. We love and miss everyone.

John & Lee