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The Badwater 135 started this morning. Unfortunately the web site seems to be overloaded and I have not been able to get any updates. Here’s the link:

From this you should be able to get to the live update area. I don’t think anyone from Hawaii is running the race or even crewing this year, however several past HURT participants were listed as starters. 2005 winner Scott Jurek is returning and hoping to break 24 hours. Hopefully the site will work later today. The main site is

So if you think it is HOT lately where you live, think about how HOT it is for these runners in Death Valley!!

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  1. matt stevens

    contrary master blogger; Tyler Tajima, former Pac Five runner, current coach and HURT pacer for many a year is pacing Luis Escobar as we speak. We’ve told Tyler many times that he is going to die in the heat and have asked him to create his will before he left. Go Tyler!

  2. tyler tajima

    thanks matt anyways im back now…it was a very different experience…one that i will never forget…those valleys, climbs, heat, etc. are what makes that race diffcult..i did get to see david goggins and got to talk akos konya…i thought i recognized his name from the HURT 100…i dont know about ever going back there

  3. Luis Escobar

    Nearly one week has past since my pace crew and I stepped across the Badwater 135 finish line. As you know, Tyler Tajima was a valued member of that group. The race starts in Death Valley and finishes 135 miles, 3 large valleys and 3 mountain ranges away. The day time air temps reached well over 130 degrees! Hotter than a firecracker. The heat took it’s toll on all of us. Our finish time was 36 hours and 45 minutes, 13th. place over all. They say that Badwater is the “Toughest footrace in the world” Well, I have not yet run all of the footraces in the world – but I can tell you that it is the toughest footracr that I have ever seen. Thank you Tyler for all of you help during the race. I hope to see all of you in January for the 100. Aloha, Luis Escobar