The 2011 H.U.R.T. 100 is almost here, and we’re sure that you are just as eager for the event as we are. A few items you should be aware of as the day draws near.

Prior To Leaving For Race:

Download and print the trail map. We will not be providing one. If you have a crew download and print the driving instructions. Once again we will not have any available for you. Both can be found at

Hopefully you will have trained a bit as 100 miles is a long way, more so when they are Hawaiian Miles.

Pack some warm gear and some rain gear. We have had a bit of rain lately and you may get wet and/or muddy.

Pre Race Brief (1/14/11):

The race booklet states we will start checking in runners at 3:30 p.m., however as in the past we want to facilitate a quick trail brief so we ask that you pick up your race bag when you arrive at the Nature Center on 1/14/11. Many of us will be there as early as 2:30 p.m.

Your race number and safety pins will be in your race bag, as will safety pins. Do not arrive to the start of the race without your number.

There will be no weigh in, for that matter there may not be a scale. Plan accordingly.

We will be selling tickets for the Monday evening banquet at the Pre Race brief. Tickets will be @ $40.00 and we can only accept cash/check. The banquet will be help at Mid Pacific Country Club on 1/17/11 beginning at 5 p.m.


Race Morning (1/15/11):

Although you already have your race number, we need to know who actually woke up and is out on the course. You must check in with us prior to the race start. We will have a table set up for this task. If you arrive at the first aid station without checking in we may question if you actually ran there.

Do not drive up to the Nature Center to drop off your drop bags. We need to keep the roadway clear off traffic so our volunteers can get in and out with the gear for the aid stations. We cannot emphasize this enough, yet every year we get runners driving up with the stuff yelling” I’m just going to drop off my gear”. Don’t do it.

Parking at the Nature Center at the start will be tight, please car pool if possible.

Crews are not allowed at Paradise Park on loop one. Your runner doesn’t need you there, they will be feeling good and having too much fun.

Race Morning Drop Bags (1/15/11)

You will be hitting the three stations 5 times each, so pack accordingly. With that said please know that any items not picked up at the end of the race will be placed in the dumpster at the Nature Center. Also please attempt to keep your bags as small as possible. We don’t want any more 55 gallon drums out there.

We will not accept any drop bags if they are not identified with your name, number and aid station location. Unfortunately last year we witnessed several episodes where our volunteers were verbally abused by runners when they could not find a drop bag. In all instances the bags did not have a name or number on them. Bags will be ordered in each aid station by number. Please come race morning with the bag identified already. We do not have supplies available for you to do it on race morning.

Race Day Tracking:

For those of you with groupies they will be able to follow your progress here

We will also have a Trail Safety Crew out on the course throughout the event.

BIB Assignments:

We will post the race numbers after the first of the year at the HURT site.

Thinking Of Dropping?

If you would like to drop before the event we need to know. Please e mail Jeff at

If you have started the race and would like to drop during the event you need to do so at an aid station so we can account for you in the race tracking.

Please Thank The Volunteers:

As the HURT 100 continues to evolve it requires more and more resources, most notably human resources. Please take the time during the event to thank the volunteers, without them you couldn’t accomplish what you will be accomplishing in a couple weeks.

Good Luck to you all.

PJ, John & Jeff