Aloha Runners,

Congratulations to the 125 of you who have been selected for the 2012 HURT 100. As you might already know your position in the race is highly coveted and we are hopeful that you all train up to the level needed to complete the 100 miles, otherwise it goes down as another DNF.

For those of you not selected , a kukui nut weighted lottery will be performed and an ordered entry of the next 50 runners will be determined. This lottery will be done within the next 24 hours and the wait list posted on this site by 8/15/11.

We will limit the wait list to 50 based upon last years drop rate / wait list runner accepted rate. For what its worth we had >30 lottery entrants drop from the race prior to the 11/15/10 deadline. We offered all those slots and worked through runner #52 on the wait list. Even then we only had 119 starters to the event.

Bottom line, if your in and want out let me know. If you are out and are wait listed train like there is no tomorrow. Who knows you may get a call on 1/2/12 asking if you want a slot.

If you want to know if you made it in go to I'm too tired to post the list now (and too disappointed)

Thanks to all who attended today's party, you will all get another kukui nut next year.

Please remember that to make this event happen we need tons of volunteers, if you weren't selected we would love to have you at an aid station or on the HURT Patrol.

Good night all.


Jeff Huff