Aloha All,

This message is directed to runner's crew, pacers, family and friends that want to come out to support runners during the HURT 100. We are including parking and driving instructions here so please share this with anyone who will be here on island supporting you. There is a Google Maps link near the top right of this page. 

Most of this information is in the The Book of HURT. You have read that right? Well your crew, pacers, family and friends may not have so please pass this on. 

Driving between aid stations can take some time depending on traffic. Also parking is limited at each aid station. CLICK HERE for details. Please park only in designated areas. No crew or support is allowed at the Paradise Park Aid station until after 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning to limit congestion. Please limit or leave no valuables in your car while parked at an aid station. 

PDF Version of Driving Directions for Printing

See you in a couple of days!

Aloha, Bob


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