Aloha Runners and Crew Members,

As you approach your tapering phase for the 2020 HURT 100 and begin your race day preparations, there are three important items that we need to make you aware of:

  1. NO Crew Access at Nuuanu Aid Station throughout the event: 
    The HURT Board recently met and despite our greatest efforts to solve the issues with allowing crews access to Nuuanu, we must maintain the overall Aloha spirit of the race by NOT allowing crew access at this location throughout the event. Through the years, there have been numerous car break-ins, congested roadways, frequent visits from Honolulu Police Department, the inability to secure parking for our volunteers, and some negative comments from the community residents.  It was a very difficult decision for the Board, and we understand the impact it may have on you all. However, in an attempt to maintain a sound working relationship with our City and County partners, and Nuuanu residents, we need to be proactive to nurture our permitting process, thus the decision was made. 

    If you have a pacer meeting you at Nuuanu they are not allowed to park their car at Nuuanu, rather they need to get to Nuuanu by some other means (Lyft,  Uber, Taxi). HPD will not hesitate to have cars towed.

    Please remember that the other two aid stations, Makiki and Manoa, are fully accessible to crews and welcome all crews and supporters after the runners’  first loop is completed.
  1. Parking:
    Parking a vehicle at HURT is difficult at best. We strongly encourage car-pooling, use of Lyft, Uber, or the local taxi services. If you are a solo runner with no crew, please utilize one of the aforementioned methods to get to and from the event. More details will be forthcoming with parking opportunities and our parking permit situation.
  1. Hydration Drink:
    We are pleased to announce that Skratch Labs is generously providing their Lemon-Lime Hydration mix for all our aid stations this year. Additionally, Skratch Labs is offering a 25% discount for HURT runners on their website to those who use the code HURT25 when purchasing their delicious, made-from-scratch products.

More details regarding the event will be coming in the near future, we just wanted to inform you all of the above three items, so you are better prepared for the 2020 HURT 100.


HURT 100