Registration for the HURT lottery will open on Saturday, July 24th at 12:00 AM Hawaii Standard Time.

Please read the following important information for this year’s registration.

Beginning with the HURT100 in 2022, we will have three lottery categories. Please register in the appropriate category.

  1. HURT Veterans: Register as a HURT Veteran if you have three or more HURT 100 finishes.
  2. Wait Listed / Never HURTers: Register as a Wait Listed / Never HURTer if you applied to HURT in the last three years, were waitlisted in any or all three years, and have never finished the HURT 100.
  3. Everyone Else: Register for Everyone Else if you do not fit in the other two categories. Examples include runners who have never applied before, finished HURT 100 once or twice, last applied over three years ago, or ran HURT in the last three years but never finished.

Banquet tickets will not be offered during registration but will be offered to entrants later.

Details about the lottery can be found in the Book of HURT.

If you have any questions about which category to register, please contact us.