Live Tracking

Live Streaming

We plan to go live on Facebook and Instagram during the start of the race and as the runners cross the finish line. We will not be streaming the entire race. Follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram and set your notifications “on” for when we go live if you wish to watch in real time. Otherwise, we’ll save each live posts in our timelines so you can watch at your leisure.

COVID-19 Considerations

It is impossible to know what COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines will be required to conduct an event like the HURT100. HURT will comply with all local and national requirements in place at the time of the event. Note that these restrictions could affect the conduct of the race and associated activities. These could include changes or restrictions for the pre-race briefing, crew and spectator access, and our ability to conduct the post-race banquet. We will do our best to communicate any ongoing restrictions that might require changes to the event.