Thank you for tuning in to the HURT100 lottery. The selected runners and the partial waitlist* have been published in their respective categories (Veterans, Waitlisted but Never Selected, and Everyone Else). The Automatic Entries, Rollover Entrants from 2022, as well as the Board of Directors’ Picks are also included in the document.

As stated in the Book of HURT, the HURT Board of Directors sets aside ten slots into the HURT100 to be chosen at their discretion. The Board has decided to award eight slots to deserving individuals not selected in the lottery. They are:

  • Alyssa Clark
  • Jamil Coury
  • Satomi Fujimura
  • Matt Goda
  • Ajay Hanspal
  • Kara Leinweber
  • Nate Lewis
  • Gary Marr

The website will be the record of selected runners and waitlists.  Though names will be listed on UltraSignup, our website will be considered the official list.

*Tickets of applicants not shown are retained and will be drawn if the current waitlist is exhausted.

If you have any questions, please contact us.