HURT 100 Trail Marking
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Hi Gang ! Trail marking for this year's HURT 100 is tomorrow morning (Friday) at 8:00 am. We will meet at the lower parking lot of the Hawaii Nature Center, as usual, to get supplies and split-up into teams. As PJ says…"be there are be square". She also says other … Read More

Paradise Park Webcam
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There's been a lot of interest in viewing the Paradise Park webcam on race day.   If anyone wants to view the live webcam, they need to have yahoo instant messenger. Once they've got that, they need to add to their contact list, and send me an e-mail from a … Read More

Help us out Runners—Please!
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Aloha Runners, We understand there are a few runners who have decided not to run HURT this year…………………..can we please appeal to your senses of honor & decency to let us know soon?  We have a lot of people scheduled to run and way too many people on the wait … Read More

WARNING: Crazed Young Haole Runner Terrorizing HURT Veterans on Trails!
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BEWARE!  Yesterday there were two incidents (possibly connected! …gasp…) involving an unidentified haole runner wreaking havoc on local HURT runners.  The suspect was said to be about 5’7”, 130 lbs., and wearing gray shorts.  According to eye witnesses who have requested to remain anonymous, (thanks for the anonymous tip, Don … Read More

HURT 12 Hour Photos & Results
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As PJ said, the HURT 12 Hour concluded an exciting and fun 2006 Trail Series. PJ took a few pictures and you can view them here. Click here to see the results. The man with the most laps was Paul Hopwood of Maui. He came over and participated as a … Read More

HURT 12 Hour Report
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Today’s 12 hour run was unbelievable! Every finish was a story in it’s own, and every performance was inspiring! Conditions were brutal- a hard rain on the dry trails at the start rendered the trails about as slippery as they could get… pretty greasy at the beginning. The windless humid … Read More

HURT Trail Series-Last Race Reminder: Hogsback 12 Hour, Oct 14th.
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Just a reminder that the last race in the 2006 HURT Trail Series is the Hogsback 12 Hour Race. More details can be found here: Here is a link to the 2005 results: The race is simple, repeats on a easy 2-1/2 mile loop for 12 hours or … Read More

Alan Webb: Sleeper for the HURT 100?!?!
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If you were not worried about the fast approaching HURT 100, you should be!  This past Sunday, Alan Webb, a 3:48 miler and America’s finest middle distance talent, was out on Maunawili Trail and hammering!  If you think your in shape, you’ll think differently after he hands you your a** … Read More

Triple Trek Photos
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Jozef Gyurke sent in these photo’s from Triple Trek (Click here to view). There are some great shots of the racers at the finish and the post-race potluck. Jozef also went back out on the course and took some pictures of the trails. There are some great shots of Hogsback … Read More

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