Trail Work FAQ

  1. Why are trail work hours implemented?
    Being selected to run the HURT 100 trail mile race is a privilege. The event itself cannot be held without a multitude of volunteers performing countless hours of tasks as well as an understanding of the various communities that enable the event to be run. The mandatory hours have been implemented in the spirit of giving back to the community and people. Without those hours given back it is highly unlikely we would be allowed to host you all at the HURT 100.

  2. What types of activities are acceptable?
    As the race occurs on trail as well as to perpetuate the Hawaiian slogans “E malama pono i ka ‘aina” (to take care of the land) & “Aloha ‘aina” (to love & respect the land), the volunteer hours are preferred to be performed doing trail maintenance along existing trails. This would include removal of overgrown vegetation and debris, repairing of damaged areas, and improvements to the trail. All work must be approved by the park or trail’s governing agency (federal, state, city/county).  Other approved work includes, removal of invasive species, replanting of native/approved plants/trees, installation/construction of equipment/structures associated with a trail system or park, cleaning up of debris, and clearing of new trails. Again all such activities may be performed at a state/national park and must be approved by the areas’ governing agency.

    The hours may be performed during an organized event/outing or coordinated with the park/trail agency as an individual (or group) effort. Any pre-organized events need not be with a trail running group. Public, community, state park, or other trail user organized events are acceptable and encouraged.

  3. Where may the volunteer hours be performed?
    The volunteer activity(ies) may be performed within the runner’s state/country or in one that they may be visiting.

  4. Who may sign-off to verify my volunteer hours?
    All work performed must be approved by the trail/park’s governing agency (i.e., national park service, state park’s office, trails access group, land management board). The approving official may sign off on the hours once they have been completed. An approving official includes the park manager, the head park ranger, trails and maintenance program manager, or volunteer coordinator. If the hours were performed during a group coordinated event, the coordinator/organizer of the event may sign off on the form upon the completion of the hours.

  5. Are there alternative means of performing the volunteer hours?
    It is highly encouraged to perform the hours as part of an organized group connected to a particular park, race, or trail system as these are located in every country and major city. If the HURT100 entrant has tried but is not able to find a group they may contact the HURT Trail Work administrators overseeing the volunteer hours. Please send any suggestions in a timely manner.
    NOTE: Volunteering at a race is NOT an acceptable means to fulfill this requirement. Performing social media while doing volunteer hours is also not acceptable. The goal is to improve the spaces we all enjoy.

  6. Are hours transferable from other persons (entrants or supporters)?
    No. The entrant must complete all hours on their own. Hours are not transferable for other applicants, fellow runners, supporters, etc. Any falsifications of volunteering will be grounds for disqualification from the HURT100.

  7. Do all 8 hours need to be completed at once? Can I do more?
    Applicants may do all 8 hours in one day or spread among several events. More hours are always a welcome sight to see!

  8. If I run to the trail work, does the time it takes me to run to meet up with the group count?
    No. Volunteer hours are those that are done rather than doing the norm (training/running). As the clock begins once the runners are off, the timer starts for work once the person has arrived at the appointed meeting place or place of work. If the applicant chooses to run to meet the group to do the work, they will only be credited with those hours that they meet the group and perform any related work.

  9. What is the reporting period that I may do the trail work hours?
    For the 2025 HURT100, the volunteer hours must be done between November 16, 2023 and November 15, 2024.  Any hours prior to this period are not valid.

  10. Will this trail work requirement be effective for future HURT100 events?
    Yes. We will continue giving back to all those who contribute so much for this event as well as to emphasize “Aloha ‘aina”!

  11. What are the dates that trail work may be done for the following year?
    For the 2026 HURT100, trail work hours performed between November 16, 2024 and November 15, 2025 are valid.

  12. When can I submit my current form?
    You can submit your form any time after lottery registration opens until the deadline.

  13. Does trail work earn extra Kukui nuts for HURT100 and increase my lottery chances?
    Since this is a requirement for all participants, performing trail work does not earn extra Kukui nuts but we greatly appreciate your efforts!

  14. Where can I find the form?
    The form can be found at

  15. Where shall I submit the form?
    Forms must be submitted to

  16. How can I find the trail maintenance events?
    You can find HURT sponsored events at For entrants not living in Honolulu, you are encouraged to seek out your local Department of Land & Natural Resources (DLNR), City and County Parks and Recreation, Local Hiking Organizations, Sierra Club, as means to do the mandatory work.

  17. What happens if I am selected via the lottery but do not complete and submit the trail work by the November 15 deadline?
    You will be removed from the event and the next wait listed runner will be invited.

  18. What happens if I am on the waitlist but do not complete and submit the trail work by the November 15 deadline?
    On November 16, the wait lists will be updated and those who have not sent a valid form by the November 15 deadline will be removed from their respective wait list.

  19. Do I get a notification when I submit the form?
    Yes, we will reply to your email confirming receipt and you will see the tracker at updated. If you don’t receive the email within a week, please reconfirm with us.