Bib Numbers & Race Coverage:

The bib numbers have been assigned and posted at Ultrasignup, go to the site to find your bib number.

Race coverage will be provided at Ultralive, let your friends and family know so the can follow your progress throughout the event. Please check out the link and play around with it as much work has been done on the site by Ted Knudsen. If you have uploaded an image at Ultrasignup your friends at home will be able to see what you looked like prior to stepping out on the course. If you haven't uploaded an image, please do so if you like.

Course Marking:

Thank you all who have volunteered to help mark the course. We should have a sufficient amount of trail markers if those who have committed show up. I will e mail the trail marking team separately.

Pre Race Meeting:

Please be prompt as we want to start on time. Do not bring your drop bags to the pre race brief.

You will pick up your race bag and bib prior to the brief. Your runner bib and safety pins will be in the bag. Don't forget it on race morning as we won't have another number for you.

You might want to bring a lawn chair to the pre race meeting as seating is limited.

Race Morning:

You will not be allowed to drive up to the Nature Center on race morning. We need to keep the roadway clear to get essential volunteers and supplies in and out of the Nature Center. Please park down at the lower lot and walk up with your bags.

You must check in on race morning. We need to know who is out on the course. A table will be set up at the Nature Center with a volunteer checking in each of you.

Drop bags will be collected at the Nature Center. Specifically we will have two trucks that will ferry them out to Paradise Park and Nuuanu. Recall the drop bag restrictions and have them all marked with location, runner name, and runner bib number. We will not accept unmarked bags. It is your responsibility to place your bag in the correct truck.

During The Run:

The rules and trail etiquette is described in the Book of Hurt. Read the book before running the event, and if you have a pacer / crew make sure they do the same.

Go out and run and have some fun.

Post Race:

Please gather and remove all your drop bags. We will not be responsible for them after the event concludes.

Night comes early and we need to clean up after the event, we ask your cooperation late in the afternoon as we work to return the premises to the way we found them.

Monday Evening Banquet:

We have posted directions to the banquet on the Blog. The event is nearly sold out. The few tickets that remain will be sold on a first come first served basis at the trail brief.

Good luck and good running.