Aloha Runners,

We are need of Aloha Shirts for the HURT 2013 post race banquet. If you are in the process of updating your wardrobe or simply cleaning out your closets and would like to donate your Aloha shirts please contact PJ at

Just a reminder, the drop date for the $100.00 refund is fast
(11/15/12). If you would like to, or need to give up your slot you must
contact me at on or by 11/15/12. To make ends meet
at he HURT 100 we need 125 runners to toe the line at the start. Failure
to notify us and to not show at the event will not go over well with
the folks at HURT.

If you did not purchase dinner tickets at signup or if you would like to putchase more you may still do so here . If you have questions regarding the process or about the post race banquest you can contact john at

For those who finish 100 miles in 2013 we have a new buckle for you.
PJ and John have come up with a new design that you will be pleased
with. It is so cool and more in keeping with the spirit of HURT. For
those who get through 67 miles (fun run) we have a limited amount of
buckles (100 km). This will be the last year we recognize the fun run
with a buckle.

On behalf of the HURT 100 we look forward to seeing you in January. On behalf of the HURT family.