Aloha Athletes,

Stan Jensen has compiled a nice list of photo and video links from the 2015 race. If you know of more, feel free to post in the comments. Enjoy!

HURT100 – 2015 Finish Line Photos (Augusto DeCastro)

2015 HURT 100 Loop 1 & 2 Pig Gate (Bob McAllaster)

HURT Image Gallery (Laura Casner)

2015 HURT 100 trail race (Kalani Pascual)

2015 HURT Nature Center A/S (Larry Bradley)

2015 HURT banquet (Larry Bradley)

HURT100 – 2015 Finish Line Video (Augusto DeCastro)

2015 HURT video (Steve Villiger)

2015 HURT 100 video (Paul Encarnacion)

See you all next year!