When: Saturday January 6th, 2024
Start time: 7:00 am
Meeting place: Bottom of concrete road aka Kalawahine Trailhead on Tantalus Drive (carpooling is highly recommended, limited parking space available)

HURT is looking to assemble a volunteer team to clear the 2024 trail course in preparation for the 100 miler next month, Jan 13-14. Please bring appropriate clothing, ie. enclosed hiking shoes, long sleeve shirt, gloves, eye protection, ear protection, sunscreen.

Be prepared for a full day of work 7-8hrs. Bring enough water and electrolytes (60 oz) and some snacks. Refreshments will be provided afterwards.

If you have a rake or loppers please bring them with you.
There still a few areas where we need to weed whack, but mostly clearing the course of loose debris and fallen tree branches.

Hopefully we get a big group together and finish in one day!

We thank everybody in advance for considering to sign up and help HURT bring on another great experience for all participants in this event.

Happy New Year!