Aloha HURT participants,

There has been a recent landslide along ‘Aihualama trail, between Pauoa Flats and Manoa Falls. Major trail restoration is required and Na Ala Hele, the State of Hawai’i Trail and Access Program, does not estimate that repairs can be made in time for the 2024 HURT run.

Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our participants. Our team has worked diligently to create an alternative course that maintains the essence of the trail run experience while ensuring a safe and enjoyable event for everyone involved. The course will still be five loops, and we’ve worked hard to maintain the distance and elevation change.

There is no possible route around the landslide, so the Manoa Aid Station (Pirates) has been eliminated. Our intrepid pirates will staff a minor aid station / checkpoint with no crew access, which will be set up along the course. There is still no crew access to the Nu’uanu Aid Station, so the only access point for crews and pacers will be the Makiki Aid Station at the Nature Center (start/finish).

That means people will be spending more time at Makiki, and we are working on plans to address this. However, please note that there is limited parking and no dogs, alcohol, or tents will be allowed. There are also residents along the road to the aid station, so we must keep noise to a minimum.

HURT is actively pursuing permits from Na Ala Hele for the course changes. Further details regarding the updated course map, elevation, and any additional information will be shared with you soon.

Rest assured that while the course has changed, the HURT spirit of ‘ohana remains intact. We are committed to providing you with a challenging yet scenic trail that will test your skills and offer a new and unforgettable experience. And always remember the HURT motto, “We wouldn’t want it to be easy!”

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. Together, let’s embrace this change and make the 2024 HURT 100 a remarkable and safe adventure for all.

HURT 100