HURT100 Entry and Lottery Changes

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As interest in the HURT100 continues to grow year over year, we have decided to make some changes to the entry requirements and lottery process.

  • The requirement for eight hours of documented Trail Work continues.
  • We have a new requirement for a qualifying event.  All entrants must complete a 50 mile or longer event within the two years prior to registration. There are three opportunities in Hawaii to achieve the 50-mile minimum requirement for the HURT 2021 application:
  • There will be three separate lottery categories, with three separate lotteries.  
    • HURT Veterans
    • Wait Listed / Never HURTers
    • Everyone Else

We feel these categories continue to give our long-term veterans an opportunity to run, while making sure those who are perennially stuck on the Wait List get an increased opportunity.

Click here for a full description of our new requirements.



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2 Responses

  1. Carissa Derr

    When should you apply for the everyone else lottery? Is there an opening date I missed?

  2. Lewis Nunn

    Aloha. I would very much like to run the HURT 100 in January 2021. This is in honor of my recently deceased brother, Alex Nunn.

    I will do trail work, I already have an area picked out that I want to clean up. I will do qualifying run. I will do about anything to be amongst you on that trail come Jan 2021.
    I just found out about this lottery requirement and so am putting in my name for consideration. ????