HURT 100 Board of Directors Discretionary Picks

As stated in the Book of HURT, the HURT Board of Directors sets aside 10 entries into the HURT 100 to be chosen at their discretion. The Board has decided to award eight of those slots to deserving individuals who were not selected in the lottery. They are:

  • Sergio Florian
  • Ernie Floyd
  • Matt Goda
  • Drew Lichtenstein
  • Darcy Piceu
  • Sara Santilli
  • Bill Skyles
  • Gary Wang


The waitlist has been published in the same document as the selected runners in their respective categories. Click the button below to view the list.

The website will be the record of runners selected in each lottery category, as well as the waitlists.  Though names will be listed on UltraSignup, our website will be considered the official lists.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

COVID-19 Considerations

It is impossible to know what COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines will be required to conduct an event like the HURT100. HURT will comply with all local and national requirements in place at the time of the event. Note that these restrictions could affect the conduct of the race and associated activities. These could include changes or restrictions for the pre-race briefing, crew and spectator access, and our ability to conduct the post-race banquet. We will do our best to communicate any ongoing restrictions that might require changes to the event.

In addition, there may be travel requirements in place for Hawaii, or for return travel to your home. We will try to inform runners of travel requirements for Hawaii. However, our runners come from all over the world, and it is impossible for us to track all travel restrictions for these locations. It is the runner’s responsibility to understand and comply with any travel restrictions.

Please keep all of this in mind before making extensive travel arrangements for crews and family.