The Book Of HURT 2022

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As of June 5, 2021: Updated lottery date. The 2022 Book of HURT is up. It contains information such as COVID-19 considerations and changes in the runner selection. If you are curious or interested in being a part of HURT100, the Book Of HURT is a must read. Click the … Read More

2021 HURT100 Is Cancelled

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The Board of Directors of HURT, Inc has made the difficult decision to cancel the HURT 100, originally scheduled for January 16-17, 2021.  The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made this decision necessary. For our potential runners, the continuing worldwide travel restrictions, State of Hawaii quarantine, and airline and accommodation uncertainties … Read More

Revised Book Of HURT 2021

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The revised edtion of Book of HURT 2021 contains changes in the requirements due to COVID-19.… Read More

HURT100 2021 Requirements Update

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We understand that current COVID-19 restrictions are making it difficult to complete some of the HURT100 entry requirements. Due to this situation, we will not require a 50 mile qualifying run for the 2021 HURT100.  In addition, we will not require eight hours of trail work. Both of these requirements … Read More

The Book Of HURT 2021

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Updated May 6, 2020: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Book Of HURT has been revised. Please download the latest copy. The 2021 Book of HURT is up. It contains new information such as changes in the lottery process and qualifying event. If you are curious or interested in being a part … Read More

Aloha, Clem

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Clem was one of the originals and a very special friend to HURT. Clement talked highly about HURT.  He told me about how through out the years the applicants applying to run the HURT100 grew exponentially, and that eventually a new method was devised, to select who the participants were … Read More

HURT100 Entry and Lottery Changes

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1. Trail Work Continues
2. New Qualifying Event
3. New Lottery Process… Read More

Post HURT100 Photos and Awards

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Congratulations to Trevor Fuchs and Anna Albrecht for winning the 2020 HURT100!… Read More

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